Bilflex is a family-run company whose main objective is to handcraft a product which will ensure to each customer the best sleeping experience.  Carlo Angelo Lanza, after a long and profitable experience on the field as a mattress dealer, founded the company in 1958.  The main reason which pushed Mr. Lanza to embark himself in his new entrepreneurial business was the will to produce and sell something different from the standardized products that he got to know well in the course of his  previous career,  something which could suit the individual taste and need of each customer.  Bilflex, which had started as a company composed by a group of artisans specialized in mattresses and a single factory building, was the first step he took in order to turn his dream into reality.

In the next sixteen years, with the new generations incoming,  the company managed to follow the mainstream of technological innovation without losing the key aspects which characterized Bilflex over the years:  the care for the customer needs, the will of producing a “tailor-made solution” and the knowledge  and dedication of the ancient tailor masters which has been transposed in every single product.