The secret of this mattress lies in the blend of natural ingredients and the unique and complex process of production. The result is a particular cellular structure, very open and homogeneous which guarantees a greater elasticity to the product.

materasso-latex-latticeThermoclima 37°C is an innovative fabric which helps maintaining the typical body temperature of 37°C.

The optimal tax of humidity on the skin provides the sleeper with a feeling of freshness and comfort all night, avoiding any feeling of excessive heat, humidity or cold.

INV_SFOD_THERMOCLIMAThe temperature of the body is constantly adjusted to its optimal values with a view to a healthy sleep.

This is made possible thanks to the high quality of the fabric, characterized by its PERMEABILITY ‘(capability of the fabric to allow the passage of air), and EVAPORATION (capability of the tissue of eliminating moisture and sweat) which create an ideal micro-climate which surrounds the body of the sleeper.

Washable at a maximum temperature of 40°C.

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